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Last Updated: July 25, 2014



Maps are great for finding things that you already know there. If you want to know where a Target is in your area it's easy enough to pop over to Google Maps and search for Target. Unfortunately, maps are really bad (incapable, actually) of telling you what's provided in your area. strives to offer a comprehensive list of what services are available broken out by zip code. That way, if you want to know what you can get in your zip code you can simply go to that page and find out.


Flix of the wrist: Netflix hits milestone but it was hardly easy

Posted: 07/25/14 by Tim Bean

Netflix, the streaming service that offers movies, television shows and first run programming, reached the 50 million subscriber mark recently but hitting that impressive number didn't happen overnight for the now renowned and reputable brand.

Streaming television and subscription based services of this ilk didn't exist that long ago, and Neflix has done wonders to raise its profile to be a legitimate contender in a crowded marketplace that includes not only cable and satellite companies but also other specialty channels that stream programing. MLBTV and WWE Network come to mind, in addition to Hulu.

The original incarnation of Netflix seemed more like a bad movie channel then a streaming service with any sort of legs to it. Today's Netflix looks a lot different, with not only a litany of movies that you actually want to watch but also seasons upon seasons of television shows you love. The latter is particularly potent if you're like the rest of the masses who simply can't make time to watch television or if there's a series you've been told is remarkable (“Breaking Bad”) comes to mind, but you've not seen one episode but would like to start from the beginning.

Netflix is tailor made for that popular market.

You also can't underestimate the price point that comes with Netflix, along with their recent forage into putting out its own, original programming. The less than $10 per month subscription absolutely appeals to a customer base that has grown tired of increased cable costs that tip the scales at more than $200 a month for the triple play type services. Netflix recently increased their pricing, but that still hasn't shown signs of slowing them down, nor should it.

Perhaps even more predicated on the success of Netflix are its television shows that are being produced directly for the streaming channel, which gives it more of a network feel to it. Much the same way MLB TV and WWE Network provide customers the opportunity to watch original shows, Netflix has done wonders with the likes of “Arrested Development,” “House of Cards” and “Orange is the New Black.”

These shows aren't shoddy, run of the mill offerings but rather the types that are either proven or are so well written and acted that you'd assume it can't possibly be available for what Netflix is charging.

All of the positives for Netflix didn't happen at the flip of a switch and took planning and determination, especially with sticking to a lower cost model. The result has been one that Netflix deserves to relish in and take pride in the work they've done to be more than just an accent piece to the pie that is cable and television.


How to Get the Most Out of a New VoIP Provider

Posted: 07/24/14 by Tim Bean

Converting to Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service is the best way for a consumer to save money on telecommunication. VoIP service offers several advantages over traditional landline service, DSL service and other types of telephone service. One of the main benefits of VoIP is its low price. Consumers can find reliable VoIP packages for as little as $6 a month. The following are tips on getting the most out of a new VoIP provider:

Create a List of Necessary Features

The first step in choosing a reliable VoIP package is creating a list of the desired telephone features. VoIP plans come with amazing services. An individual consumer may desire to have features such as call forwarding, anonymous call block, call waiting, or last number redial. A business owner may prefer to have features such as conference calling or dual ring. The list will help the person to pinpoint a provider that has an affordable plan with all the desired features.

Use a Comparison Tool

The second step in choosing a reliable VoIP package is using a comparison tool to view the most popular providers. Comparison tools give consumers insight to the plethora of options they have. Comparison tools often notate the reliability of the service, the monthly service fees, the special features, and the overall ranking for the provider. Selecting a provider is easy when the person can view side-by-side information about various offers. A shopper should narrow his or her selections down to two or three providers of choice. The next stage is sampling the service from those two or three providers.

Take Advantage of a Free Trial

Many VoIP providers offer free trials so that prospective customers can sample the plans. A trial offer may be as short as seven days or as long as 30 days. In some cases, a VoIP provider will offer a year of free service to anyone who is willing to pay ahead for one year. Other providers may offer their customers a free second line. The comparison tool will most likely include information on existing free trials. Providers give customers the option to cancel service after the free trial period. Therefore, someone who is unhappy with one provider’s service can move on to the next provider.

VoIP service is becoming more advanced as the days go by. What used to be an imperfect science is now becoming a preferred alternative communication method.

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