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Last Updated: July 29, 2014



Maps are great for finding things that you already know there. If you want to know where a Target is in your area it's easy enough to pop over to Google Maps and search for Target. Unfortunately, maps are really bad (incapable, actually) of telling you what's provided in your area. strives to offer a comprehensive list of what services are available broken out by zip code. That way, if you want to know what you can get in your zip code you can simply go to that page and find out.


Tepid television: How does television tackle the negative stereotypes?

Posted: 07/29/14 by Tim Bean

Summer is half over, and the major television networks already are starting to think about the always important fall lineup and how they'll roll out their staple shows and new ones attempting to garner interest a myriad of different viewers.

The summer season often is littered with reruns with a few new debuts scattered into the mix for reasons that make plenty of sense, mainly because moms and dads are planning vacations and kids home from school aren't exactly waiting with anticipation to watch “Two and a Half Men” or “The Big Bang Theory.”

Most parents have outdoor activities on the brain for themselves but mostly for the kids. Summer vacation is about enjoying the weather and getting outdoors, which makes television quite the moot point between May and August.

So naturally, the summer is seen as a virtual black hole for television but it also extends much further than just what is on television. Not only are people watching less TV but the cable and satellite industry watch as new sales decline faster than ratings, and no one is lining up outside of Best Buy or parking themselves in front of their computer to shop for TVs on Amazon, either.

That's just one of the stigmas that television and cable industry have to fight off, aside from being a medium that ails society.

You've heard all the pratfalls of putting too much emphasis on watching too much television that goes far beyond just the summertime blues.

TV makes you dumb. TV makes you irritable.

TV even leads to overeating, in some cases.

Despite it all, television and satellite companies work diligently to promote and market their services by piggybacking on not only pricing and bundles but also the entertainment and practicality that is television (and internet and phone services).

Those services has seen their fare share of cancellations and consumers opting for lower cost choices, but cable and even satellite to some degree aren't really struggling mightily in the face of not only the stereotypes of television viewing but also increased competition, whether that comes from competitors or summer vacation.

Truthfully, television and its services aren't going anywhere permanently. They just go away for a few months in the summer perhaps or if you decide life with just Netflix is fine by you. At some point, we all come back to cable, the programming and everything else these entities can offer us.

It's that type of resiliency that defines cable television at its core and proves that the industry is just as potent as it ever was, even if the beach, sunshine or virtually anything else has a chance of getting in the way. 


Cable Service vs. Satellite Service: Which one is Right for You?

Posted: 07/27/14 by Tim Bean

If you have recently moved into a new apartment or home, you might be wondering which type of television service you should choose. Cable television service and satellite television service are two common connections.

Satellite television service gets its signal from a dish that communicates with various satellites in the sky, while cable television receives its signals from a coaxial cable that is directly connected to the home. Both types of services can provide high quality television. However, a few differences exist.

The Cost

If you are looking for high quality service on a tight budget, then satellite would probably be your best option. Popular satellite providers have current promotions that offer television service for as little as $19.99 a month. This package includes 33 channels such as Nickelodeon, the Food Channel, CBS Sports Network, and the Hallmark Movie Channel. Cable specials start at much higher prices, but they include at least 140 channels.

AvailabilityThe best service for availability is satellite service. A person who lives in the United States can receive dish service anywhere in the country. Cable service is only available in areas that are closest to the service providers. Therefore, satellite service wins in this category. 


Cable and satellite television can both have some reliability challenges. Situations such as poor weather can destroy a satellite signal, but it can

equally knock out a cable signal. In fact, cable service can frequently go out in areas that have heavy rains and winds. Furthermore, the quality of a person's cable signal depends on the distance that person is from the

provider's station. The best way for you to gauge which type of service is best in this aspect is to speak with people in your area. Asks current customers about service outages and their overall opinion on the provider's quality.

The Benefits

Cable companies offer some amazing packages for their customers. A new customer can purchase a cable package that includes television service, Internet service and phone service for less than $100 a month. Satellite companies are less generous. They do offer bundled packages, but not as frequently as cable providers offer them. 

Deciding what is best for you includes looking at the whole picture before you choose. Comparison tools, company employees, friends and family members can help you with your choice. You should be sure to ask the prospective provider if it is offering you a contract or non-contact service. Also, you should inquire about early termination fees if you are not happy with the service.
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