Cox speed upgrades hit Fairfax and Northern Virginia

Cox Communications announced back in May that users would get 50mbps and 100mbps upgrades on the Preferred and Premier tier, for no extra cost.

This update would go nationwide in the next few months, according to Cox officials, and it has finally hit Fairfax and Northern Virginia. Customers in Nebraska, Arizona, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Nevada have already seen the bump in speed.


The speed bumps are deployed on a state-by-state basis, allowing Cox to work out any issues with deployment, before entering another state. They have been pretty proficient in the launch, taking only four months to upgrade seven states.

Cox Communications is one of the only Internet service providers currently rolling out faster updates for free. Comcast and Time Warner Cable customers continue to sit on lower speeds for a much higher price, without any way to get better than to hop state.

On top of rolling out updates to the Preferred and Premier tiers, Cox is looking at providing 1Gbps data speeds to some areas like Nevada and will continue to rollout gigabyte Internet in the coming months to even more locations.

Cox Communications might be seen as the underdog, but in terms of customers it is the third largest cable provider. If Cox can show high data speeds are possible at a cheaper cost, it might give real incentive for Comcast and TWC to listen.

Google Fiber has kicked the debate off about gigabyte Internet, but for many, the debate is already over. AT&T have announced several markets will get 1Gbps options, but others like Time Warner Cable and Verizon remain silent on the speed increase.

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