The Peanuts Gang is too Mean for Today’s Children

Everyone has an opinion, and that’s cool with me.  Sometimes another’s opinion will sway me to their way of thinking, sometimes I just agree with their opinion from the outset, and sometimes I simply dismiss their opinion altogether as something that I simply cannot agree with.  The thing is though that I try to always accept another’s right to their opinion, but I do not appreciate it when others try and force their opinions upon me and others.  That is to say that I do think that just because one person doesn’t like something, that that something should then be taken away from everyone.

So, where am I going with this?  Well it appears that there is a father out there who feels so strongly against something that he is calling for it to be retired and never to be heard from again.  What is this something that is so horrible?  It is none other than the Charlie Brown holiday cartoons that have been airing every year for as long as I can remember.  This Dad is particularly targeting “It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown.”  His reason for his distaste in this classic cartoon is that he believes that it essentially glorifies the now taboo subject of bullying amongst school children, with all of the name calling that goes on in these cartoons.  He takes particular exception with the characters calling Charlie Brown a “blockhead,” and says that such things being broadcast on television shows have no place in today’s world.  Okay, fine, I agree, that name calling is not a good thing, but please allow me to ask some questions.

Who is the parent or legal guardian of children?  Is it you, the adult; or is it the television and whatever shows are being broadcasted on it?  Doesn’t every television today have the ability to change channels and to be turned off?  Is anybody making you force your children, or anyone’s children for that matter, to watch, not just this television show, but ANY television show?  Finally, are you capable of discussing the issue of bullying with your children, or do you believe that by advocating the cessation of a television show that has things in it you don’t care for make the problem disappear?

I respect that father’s opinion, and his right to voice it, but in this particular instance I am neither swayed to his line of thinking, nor do I agree with it — but that’s just my opinion, I could be wrong.


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