Parent Creates Porn Site to Get Even With School Official

It is common knowledge that parents will do just about anything to protect their children from danger.  I mean talk to any parent, particularly new parents, and they are undoubtedly cautious and in the case of the new parents they are probably on the verge of being over cautious, if there is such a thing.  I mean kids today play on playgrounds that have padded monkey bars and foam bits scattered on the ground, it kind of makes you wonder how in the world any of us made it out of our childhood before these and other protections existed.  Protecting your child from physical harm is one thing, but what about standing up for them if you perceive that they were wronged in some fashion?

I am fairly certain that as many parents who will protect their children from physical harm would also stand up for their child if they were accused of doing some sort of wrong, even if the accusation was in fact the truth, but how many would strive to get even?  Well the parent of a 13 year old boy who had his iPod confiscated by school officials decided that is exactly what he was going to do, get even.  The parent in question decided that his child’s iPod was wrongly confiscated (forget that an iPod has no place in a classroom) and it was the assistant principal’s fault.  Rather than handling the situation like an adult, this parent decided that the best course of action was to create a pornographic website falsely featuring the assistant principal and his (the assistant principal’s) wife.  Upon the discovery of this website and the fictitious antics of the assistant principal this parent then went one step further into the annals of bad parenting by claiming that his 13 year old son had created it; only later confessing that it was he who actually created this website with the intent of revenge over the confiscated iPod.  Unfortunately for the assistant principal even though his name has been cleared it was done so only after the existence of this website cost him a job offer from another school; so good job getting even over an iPod there buddy…geez I’d hate to see what this parent would do if someone actually hurt his child.