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32 Cities Fight Against Slow Telecom Speeds, Want Gigabyte Broadband

In the ongoing fight for super-fast broadband in the U.S, city leaders are starting to get sick of big telecoms and have banded together to create the Next Century Cities coalition, to fight ISPs and create their own municipal broadband.

The Next Century Cities coalition has 32 cities looking for fiber optic broadband. Some of these cities already have fiber broadband installed, but want other cities to have the same benefits and want to share their knowledge, on top of bringing more competition.

The member states include: Ammon, ID; Auburn, IN; Austin, San Antonio, TX; Urbana, Champaign, IL; Boston, Leverett, MA; Centennial, Montrose, CO; Santa Cruz County, Santa Monica, Palo Alto, CA; Chattanooga, Clarksville, Jackson, Morristown, TN; Kansas City, KS; Kansas City, MO; Lafayette, LA; Louisville, KY; Mount Vernon, WA; Ponca City, OK; Portland, Sandy, OR; Raleigh, Wilson, NC; Rockport, South Portland, ME; Westminster, MD; Winthrop, MN

Kansas City and Austin both have Google Fiber installed and Chattanooga has 1Gbps fiber optic, but it wouldn’t hurt to have another municipal provider to make prices even more competitive.

That being said, Google Fiber doesn’t take kindly to municipal broadband either, buying iProvo for $1 in order to take control of fiber optic distribution in the city.

The new alliance will slow down Comcast and Time Warner Cable, especially if the coalition is capable of turning laws inside some states, which make municipal broadband illegal.

City frustration over Comcast and other ISPs is starting to show. This is not the first time cities have come out and openly denied supporting Comcast – with some cities pleading with the FCC to deny the merger between the two ISPs.

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