7 Colorado cities attain right to create their own broadband

In the fight against big telecom, Colorado just gained a lot of ground. 7 cities in Colorado won the right to create their own broadband network – something Internet service providers have been trying to outlaw over the past decade.

The vote on Tuesday signified a big surge in the popularity of new broadband options. Colorado have a different type of law regarding the legality of municipal broadband, in that if an election is called and the majority vote against the law, it will be removed.

It is harder for the two dozen other states to get broadband options, since their law has to be removed by the federal bodies and city leaders. This takes more mails, phone calls and pushes by the community than a simple re-vote.

Locked Into Low Speeds

Even with the FCC pushing for new rules to make municipal and city broadband possible, the current states locked under law cannot push away, unless their city leaders fight the telecoms.

In some cases, the city leaders are prepared and able to push the laws back, but in others, either due to low influence or ties with the telecom companies, the states are unlikely to have their laws changed.

However, if the FCC approves new plans to abolish anti-broadband laws set by the telecom companies, it may be much easier for a single person or small group to create fast broadband, with a partnership in Europe or Asia to supply the infrastructure.

The ideal would be for Comcast, Time Warner Cable and other ISPs to just add faster speeds, but people are sick of waiting for this to happen and want faster speeds now, not in 20 years when Comcast are about to fall.

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