CABLE COMPLACENT: Redesign from Comcast shouldn’t come as surprise

The world of cable television is buzzing courtesy of Comcast.

Arguably the world’s largest and most successful communications organizations in the world recently unveiled a new design for its triple play customers and the subsequent DVR service offered by the cable television, internet and phone entity.

Known simply as Xfinity X1, this DVR display is stunning and is filled with a myriad of new features that should keep customers cruising along as satisfied subscribers to Comcast for quite some time. And if the cable consumer who already employs the services of Comcast wants to keep things the same, they don’t necessarily have to opt for the latest and greatest technology from the cable giant.

Some of the new quirks conjured up by Comcast and its new DVR service include more recording options, a voice activated control and the ability to use your smart phone or tablet to change channels.

And, of course, a new DVR box and remote control. Given the stature and success of Comcast, it’s hard to believe their remote control has looked the same for the better part of a decade.

Complacency? Maybe. Laziness? Perhaps. Long overdue? Absolutely.

This latest reveal by Comcast probably strikes most as somewhere between surprising and “it’s about time” on the spectrum, depending on your perspective of how you view this media heavyweight. Those who fixate on the latter argue that Comcast, despite its financial standing and the volume of revenue and customers it touts, accepted the status quo as the norm, while their competitors in the marketplace continually strive to be different or highlight their points of differentiation.

Comcast, to some degree, relied on its laurels and standing in the industry and didn’t really follow suit in terms of injecting a little life or upgrade into what they do.

Truth is, why would change or alter what isn’t broken? And Comcast would hardly be a company you’d describe as broke.

But even with their standing within the communications business firmly intact, Comcast devised a redesign that isn’t equal parts flare and substance. The sleeker, customer friendly menu intersects nicely with the type of technology Comcast believed it was lacking. The upgrade is so eye popping and significant that it would be hard to image any current customer not being totally enthralled with the new look setup, compared to what they’re seeing now.

You could say Comcast finally looks the part of being the number one cable, internet, phone and communications company.

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