Can Comcast fix their customer service with new VP?

Comcast recently announced a new Vice President of Customer Service, with the goal of changing the customer service experience for the better. Currently, Comcast are rated as one of the worst companies for customer service and support.

Charlie Herrin will be the new “VP of Customer Experience” and his job is to fix Comcast’s terrible support. Comcast Executive VP Neil Smit talked about how it might take a few years, but it is a top priority.

There are plenty of reasons to dislike Comcast’s customer support. They have aggressive tactics to keep you on board, bring up random bills without notifying the customer and offer almost no response, unless you manage to get your case viral on social media.

Changing the Experience

Comcast didn’t list any major points they want to change, just flat out stating the experience between staff and support would get better. This does not make us too confident it is a number one priority, but lets remain neutral.

The first order of business will be establishing a better way to contact support and get the help needed. Not everything requires a technician at your door, but it would be nice to have one available within a few days.

Bills, cancellation and subscriptions need to be sorted and transparent. This is one area Comcast really needs to improve. No more $1k bills for turning in your equipment to Comcast and no more waiting a month to be disconnected from their Internet service.

Overall, Comcast just needs to be more transparent and down-to-earth with customers. They need to support and help customers, not push them around and force them into signing more expensive deals.

More Than Just Support


The problem for Comcast is it’s more than just support. People want options, better plans, a more direct split between phone, Internet and TV, but Comcast will not be willing to change their plans.

Changing the support structure might work for some people, but when you are on 27Mbps down for $150, it might not matter how nice the support staff is on the other side of the phone.

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