Cox Communication 1Gbps Deployment Coming To Irvine, California

Cox Communications has been slowly upgrading broadband speeds in various states since May. Premium users have been getting upgrades to 50Mbps or 100Mbps and Cox is adding 1Gbps options for some customers.

It is definitely a staggered launch, coming to high-end developments first. Similar to AT&T, Cox is cherry picking neighborhoods with more average income and house price—more likely to pay the premium for faster Internet.

Cox has announced another city, Irvine, California, will receive 1Gbps deployment within the year.

The company has said most customers will not see 1Gbps until 2016. Cox is busy rolling out speed upgrades to most premium customers, which should be done in 2016.

Similar to Google Fiber, 1Gbps Cox Communications will be available for $70 per month. Cox also bundle the TV service alongside, making it a better deal than Google Fiber—even though neither compete in the same markets.

Cox has become a prominent supplier of broadband, the third largest provider behind Comcast and Time Warner Cable. AT&T has been pushing its own service, but it does not appear to be as popular as Cox in the various states both compete in.

Neither Comcast or Time Warner Cable have announced 1Gbps developments, both claiming it is too much for a customer to use. TWC will be offering 300Mbps options in very limited developments.

Other broadband providers like Verizon FiOS and Cablevision have both kept quiet on 1Gbps deployment. The two companies stopped fighting over speed and price a few years ago, after an intense early rivalry between the two companies.

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