FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler Claims Title II Reclassification Would Not Hurt Broadband Investment

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has been warming up to the sound of Title II reclassification, following President Obama’s declaration of support for ‘common carrier’ reclassification on broadband companies.

Chairman of the FCC Tom Wheeler has been especially vocal on the support for an open internet, although it took Wheeler a few months to actively pursue the goal others wanted in the U.S.

In an interview with CNET, Wheeler claims Title II reclassification would not hurt broadband investments in the future, and would allow more competition in the broadband industry.

Having further regulations will also stop broadband companies from working on ways to further monetize the internet, including adding things like ‘fast-lanes’ for priority services and throttling data speeds for power users.

The new stance by Wheeler may change the final result of the net neutrality debate, but several other organizations are getting involved before the FCC’s final decision in February.

Republicans are reportedly working on a new bill that will give FCC more governing ability on broadband, but will not impose Title II reclassification. This new rule is set to come into Congress later this month.

To blockade the Republican move, the Democrats are also writing up a new net neutrality law, imposing Title II and adding a few caveats for wireless services, bringing them into the reclassification debate.

It might be a tough debate for the FCC to win, since most of the Republicans want limited regulation and some want none at all, allowing full broadband control over the internet.

The debate will come to a close this year however, and people are still casting opinions on the future of the U.S. internet.

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