Fifth of Home Buyers Would Pay More For Fast Internet

How much does fast Internet speeds mean to you? In the U.K, one-in-five Britons would pay more for a house, if it had fast Internet. In the same survey, a fourth of all people questioned would negotiate for less, if the house had slower Internet speeds.

In 2014, Internet is a big deal breaker. It is part of why urban areas are becoming incredibly popular in developing countries, because of the large amount of jobs and higher Internet speeds, when compared to rural areas.

In the U.K, Internet is not as big of a deal as in the U.S., but people still want the best speeds. The three major broadband providers, BT, Virgin Media and Sky, all provide packages from 5Mbps to 150Mbps.

Fast Broadband 

What exactly is “fast broadband”, well, according to most, it is fast enough to stream Netflix and play YouTube videos at 720p. It is fast enough to scroll down Facebook without seeing the loading sign, and fast enough to open more than two tabs at once.

This would come to about 30Mbps – the favorite package on Virgin Media is 50Mbps. On Sky and BT it is a little lower. On some other ISPs it is much lower, like Talk Talk, PlusNet, and EE.

In rural areas, it is hard to even obtain a quarter of that speed – and the U.K has a lot of rural land. This is one of the big pushes in the next ten years, to get broadband across 99 percent of the U.K and into all homes.

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