Google Still Silent On Net Neutrality

Google is a worrying company, even though it appeals for a free-and-open Internet in public, there are some questionable decisions and quotes.

Take the net neutrality debate, Google has still not given an official statement on the subject; does not back any pro-Title II reclassification group and has actively worked before to ensure loopholes in net neutrality with AT&T and Verizon Wireless.

The loopholes were created in 2010 to make sure wireless was not effected by stronger net neutrality rules. President Barack Obama wants to see the same Title II reclassification, but it would be near impossible for this to be done with current rules.

Google has plenty of reason to be anti Title II on mobile. The provider works with carriers heavily on Android, and cannot be seen to be the enemy of the carriers.

More than that, Google has shown interest in both broadband and wireless with Google Fiber. Sounds like a great deal now, but barriers and regulation are not something Google has ever been a fan of implementing.

Back a decade ago, Google was actively pursuing different ways to make the net more open, but the company has dwindled in the past ten years and started to become more conservative.

It is rather disheartening to see such a big company, with such open platforms, not offer support for net neutrality laws. Whether it is to protect the companies they are partnered with or their own gains, it is hard to tell, but it is clear Google is sitting on the fence.

At a time where Amazon, Apple and others do not seem to give a damn about net neutrality, it is hard for public advocacy groups to really win. They don’t have the money, promotion or voice to beat the telecoms.

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