HBO Streaming Service To Cost $15 Per Month

HBO announced a new streaming service would be coming to broadband-only customers in 2015 – but revealed little about how the service would operate or how much it would cost.

In a new report from The Information, it appears the streaming service will cost $15 per month. This would be the same as the cable-version of the service, and in the report it claims the price could go even higher than the regular cable-version.

This would be a lot higher than some analysts predicted, with Netflix, Amazon Instant Video and Hulu Plus all offering libraries of content for less than $10 per month.

That being said, HBO offers only original programming, costly considerably more than most of Netflix’s age-old content. Recently, Netflix beefed up their monthly price by $2, following House of Cards and other original content releases.

In a recent survey on the HBO streaming service, only 6 percent of broadband-only customers would consider paying $15 for the streaming service, not a good sign for HBOs early move onto the Internet.

Still, this is only one survey and we are still in the dark about what HBO intends to do with the streaming service. If Game of Thrones and other hit programs are available for streaming at the same time as the cable channel, it might tip the heads of millions in Europe and Asia.

HBO has a big task ahead of them, creating a service that does not crash at peak times and can offer unique content found nowhere else. Reports say the HBO service will arrive in time for Season 5 of Game of Thrones, in April 2014.


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