In the Future We Will Travel in Tubes Like Hamsters – but Faster

Ah, the promise of the future.  I remember as a child pouring over books that discussed the future of this, that, or the other.  Like most kids I was particularly interested in outer space, so I was fascinated by anything about how we will one day have these wheel shaped space stations and moon colonies that would be open to civilian travel and visitation.  However my childlike wonder wasn’t just resigned to focus on the stars.  I was also fascinated by more Earthly visions of the future too.  There was some talk back then that in the future we could have colonies, or settlements, and the really big, pie in the sky visionaries believed that we will even have actual cities in the ocean.  Not just floating on top, but down deep on the ocean floor!  Wow, that sounds cool doesn’t it?  Staying on more solid ground I also enjoyed reading about the future of travel too; which included trips to the space stations, and moon colonies, as well as civilian sub travel to our underwater cities.  However the future of travel also of course dealt more pedestrian forms of travel too, like cars and trains.  As a boy I thought that the car was cool, and that future cars would therefore be beyond cool; and the futurists promised that our future rides would be exactly that — beyond cool, and that they would fly; however when it came to trains, that is where there wasn’t too much cool visions out there; until now.

According to this video the future of high speed terrestrial transportation lies not in the so called bullet-trains, but rather in a tube; and no I am referring to what Londoners call their subway; though these tubes presumably would be underground.  The way it works is that about 6-8 people and their luggage load up in this canister, which is then loaded into a tube.  The tube is then evacuated of air and using the same type of technology as a maglev train the canister “floats” in this vacuum and is then accelerated up to its purported top speed of 4000 mph towards its destination.  Okay, sounds cool, but I am no longer a child, so these fanciful stories of the future have a lesser impact on me.  This probably stems from the fact that many of those futurist visions that I so devoured as a child promised that they would be achieved by the year two-thousand.  Well, it is now 2012 and I have yet to fly my car to the spaceport and visit the moon.  The only futurist predictions we hear now is how the world is going to end in December of this year.  So these “evacuated tube” promoters better get cracking on this because they only have a little less than 8 months to deliver.


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