Man Flies 5000 Miles to Find Woman

Love has a way of making people, I think mostly men; do some things that aren’t exactly what one might call everyday activities.  That is of course if you allow yourself to fall prey to romance.  I have in the past done some pretty silly things, like sending a girl I liked a poem I had written – it didn’t work.  I have also sent flowers to an object of my affections — that too didn’t work.  Come to think of it none of my romantic gestures have ever worked in the wooing of a woman.  Me thinks those romantic comedies are full of it.

Anyway, enough about my romantic failures, because they are small when compared to what one Canadian Dentist did with romance on his mind.  Sandy Crocker was on vacation with his brother in Ireland in the summer of 2011 when he had a chance encounter with a woman in a café in Ennistymon.

He and his brother were there eating breakfast before going on a hike when he noticed this woman also eating, but as any good gentleman would, he waited until she was done eating before he approached her.

When she was done, he stopped her to ask her a question, and it wasn’t some cheesy pick-up line either — however given my romantic history, maybe it was a cheesy pick-up line, so what do I know.  Anyway, the question he asked was for directions to where he and his brother were going hiking.  Mr. Crocker says his entire encounter lasted two minutes, a short encounter by almost any standard.  Sandy and his brother went on their hike, and then left Ireland back to Canada the next day.

For the ensuing year Sandy kept having a nagging feeling that there was a connection between he and this Irish lass; oh and his brother would give him a good ribbing about her too.  Sandy says there was not a day that went by where he didn’t think about her, a woman whom he didn’t even know her name. So, Sandy Crocker did what anyone would have done — maybe not anyone.  He took four weeks off from work (only in Europe and Canada can a four week vacation be possible) and went back to Ireland in the hope of finding this woman whom he describes as being in her mid to late twenties, red hair, and freckles.

All I have to say, on behalf of romantics everywhere, good luck in your quest Sandy.


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