Netflix Claims Broadcast TV Will Be Dead By 2030

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings has been visiting various events in Latin America, revealed 5 million subscribers come from the region and it is one of the fastest developing markets for Netflix.

On his trip, Hastings has given a good numbers of figures to suggest Netflix’s growth is not diminishing. The global total for subscribers has hit 53 million, with over 30 million in the U.S. alone.

There is still quite a large disparity between Netflix in the U.S. compared to Netflix in other regions. The company is currently working to make content global for all viewers, but restrictions set by content providers get in the way.

Nielsen announced they would start looking into Netflix for information on TV usage per user — information that may sway TV programmers in one direction, depending on the results.

Hastings claimed even if Nielsen take a look at the information, there is no way the company will be able to find results for mobile, meaning they will have inaccurate and incomplete data.

On the question of free-to-air content, Netflix believe broadcast TV will be dead by 2030. He did not put an end date for paid-TV on cable, but with the lack of growth currently it looks like paid-TV programmers might move to an Internet-only subscription service.

HBO has already announced their own subscription service, but has not announced a price per month. It may be $15 per month to watch all of HBO’s content, almost twice the price of a Netflix subscription.

CBS has also announced All Access earlier this year, for customers who want to watch CBS shows on the Internet.

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