New York looks to soil Comcast and Time Warner Cable merger

It looks like the New York State Public Service Commission is the next in line to step on Comcast’s merger with Time Warner Cable, scheduled to go to a vote on October 2, where staff will discuss concessions to the deal. 

The Comcast $42.5 billion deal  still needs to go through the FCC and DOJ, who are both scrutinising the anti-trust and anti-competitiveness measures Comcast could use, if they acquire TWC, the second largest cable company.


The New York State is also mostly against the merger, although the state has said they will sign in agreement, if Comcast promises some concessions, potentially costing the firm $300 million in the process.

The New York State has a good amount of power over Comcast, one of their large home states for Internet and TV use. The $300 million upgrades would include keeping jobs in the area, upgrading broadband speeds, improving customer service, expanding to rural areas and offering broadband to poor families.

This is what we all want from Comcast and the New York State puts them in a difficult position. If Comcast accept, more states will ask for the same treatment, if they refuse, customers will once again go all out on the hate train for Comcast.

It should be noted that Governor Andrew Cuomo has received more than $200,000 in campaign contributions from the two companies and a further $500,000 to the party. The rival Democratic nominee has said she will reject the consolidation, even though we all know how election promises go.

It is a little scary how much power Comcast and Time Warner Cable can wield with money, but the governor should look into hard concessions if the deal is to go through. All of this talk makes us feel like the FCC and DOJ have already made their decision.

Comcast stands to gain around seven million video customers, if the deal goes through.

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