(NOT) CUTTING THE CORD: Think twice before saying so long to cable

Cable and satellite TV tends to get a bad rap. Monthly bills that are already high and tend to get bigger with every year, coupled with some companies even locking customers into long standing contracts, has cable and satellite struggling with their images.

The arrival of streaming, internet driven entertainment like Netflix, Hulu and other low cost alternatives isn’t doing the cable industry any favors, either. In fact, you could argue that the cable and satellite companies are fretting, at least a little bit, that the wave of the future that is streaming media and television will eventually become the standard. That notion, along consumers constantly looking to save money and aiming that cost cutting at cable first and foremost, has many canceling the service without much consideration. But as easy as it sounds to simply call your cable company or satellite provider and cease your service, you might want to consider, research and totally understand all your options before you make that determination.

First and foremost, if you don’t really want to cancel your cable and enjoy the services provided by them or your satellite company, then it’s not out of the question to call and negotiate with them. Typically, if you’ve been a loyal, paying customer, your cable company might be able to find you another “promotion” to keep you happy and satisfied for at least the next six months to a year. You also want to make sure your post cable or satellite plans won’t interfere with your favorite shows or live television. Streaming services aren’t quite at the point where they can offer you live TV, but rather stockpile movies and television shows of previous years.

Most savvy satellite and cable customers have learned to share and share alike and simply have opted to have the best of both worlds: streaming and traditional entertainment. That would kill the two proverbial birds with one stone and allow you to have a modicum of channels from your cable company and still enjoy saving money with lower cost, streaming options.

No matter what route you opt for, simply cutting the cord with cable or satellite is both equal parts bold of a move but also, in hindsight, could conceivably create a situation where you no longer are plugged into the shows and programming you still desperately want. That’s not to suggest canceling cable service still won’t happen, but it won’t hurt to at least take a long, broader look at the entire scope of your decision before your knee jerk reaction has you kicking yourself after the fact.

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