POWER BUTTON: When it comes to cable or dish, you call the shots

Do you think you could live without your cable or satellite television? In this day and age, it seems the question should be flip flopped: Can cable and satellite dishes live without you?

It’s no big secret that the cable and satellite sector is somewhat concerned for their business profile. Cable and satellite dishes once ruled the world when it came to how you watched your favorite weekly shows or engaged in a two hour movie, but their reign is waning thanks to the influx of alternatives when it comes to how you spend your entertainment dollar. Heavyweights like Comcast, Verizon FIOS and Direct TV probably aren’t going to posting an “out of business” sign on the door any time soon, but the arrival of streaming video has vaulted the likes of Netflix and Hulu into the discussion alongside cable and dish, thanks mostly to the cost effective business plans of both.

Both Netflix and Hulu check in at less than $10 per month, and cable or dish simply can’t win a price war. Cable relies on the now famous marketing campaign called the “bundle,” which allows consumers to package television, internet and phone into one triumphant, tantalizing low price, typically under the $100 mark. But the savvy sector of buyers aren’t necessarily saying so long to cable and dish, but rather incorporating the best of all parties involved.

Killing cable completely or uprooting your satellite dish doesn’t have to be your end game, but rather keeping only the essentials from each entity. Maybe you only want local channels from cable, along with the internet, and you’ll leave Netflix as your first choice for films. And with Netflix, you can catch up on all television series that you may have missed. The bonus with Netflix is that they’ve also dipped their toe in the water with their own first run television shows to rave reviews. As far as dish, you can always opt for the less expensive package and build your own entertainment bundle from there.

If you have cable or dish, you probably tell yourself on a daily basis that you only watch a few channels out of the hundred or so that are offered. That might be the first inkling that it’s time to tackle cable, satellite or streaming services from a different, more streamlined angle. Not only can you carefully craft the perfect mélange of media but you’ll ultimately cut your bill in half. And the cable and satellite companies are just going to have to live with that decision, and whatever incarnation of their services you eventually opt to choose.

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