Reports claim FCC ready for Title II reclassification on broadband

After the failed hybrid net neutrality law pushed by the Federal Communications Commission late last year, it looks like Chairman Tom Wheeler is finally supporting Title II reclassification for broadband companies, sticking with President Obama’s plan.

The plan will reportedly also include reclassification from wireless services like Verizon Wireless and T-Mobile, despite both claiming issues could arise if this went ahead.

AT&T, Comcast and Time Warner Cable are also showing their hand rather early, claiming they will be taking the FCC to court for the new reclassification, which could harm infrastructure development.

Even though there is no evidence that it will affect broadband investment, telecom companies are keen to see no regulation on their home turf.

Title II reclassification means no broadband provider will be able to offer fast-lanes or any other priority regarding speed or price to content creators on the web or mobile.

The FCC has still not made its plans public, but it is likely to be reclassification, something Republicans are starting to warm to after initial defiance.

It is one of the biggest decisions of 2015, likely to change the landscape of broadband for the next decade. The FCC has already acknowledge any community broadband project is legal, and if this goes through community and startups might be able to use the utility polls and wires large telecom companies provide.

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