Smartphones can be virtual love toys

We all know that the world is more interconnected than at any other point in human history right?  I mean we can send a message right from the palm of our hands all away across the globe in an instant.  Have a friend living in Hong Kong and you want to tell them something?  Well, just whip out your smartphone; tap out whatever your message is, press send, and POW; in the blink of an eye your friend in Hong Kong got it.  For anyone who was born before this kind of technology was in existence it must surely still be a marvel.  For those growing up with it, I am sure many don’t even give this ability a second thought.

The interesting thing about all forms and advances in communication is that shortly after each of these advancements it isn’t too long before someone out there uses it for more amorous intentions.  I am willing to bet one of the first things language was used for was some sort of flirtatious, sexual advancement; granted we will never know, but c’mon, we’re only human.  Then can writing, and again, I am willing to bet that shortly after its invention came the first love letter; so down the line of communicative mediums we go, and each brought with it sexuality at some level or another.  Sure, some of it was subtle, such as with mass media inventions like radio and television, while others not so much, such as with more personal forms of media communications, like the telephone, pay-per-view, and the internet.

Well, in the 21st century the intimate phenomena carries on, what with people “sexting,” for those who may not know that is sending text messages to another that have sexual overtones, and now that every wireless phone is also a camera and video recorder, well then I will let your imagination take you wherever it can, with regards to what some people do with those features.

It now appears that some ingenious people have, umm “uncovered” a hidden ability of the smartphone, using Bluetooth technology.  Knowing that sex sells, and that pretty much everyone has a smartphone, with built in Bluetooth abilities, comes LovePalz, the first love toy of its kind that can interact with your partner through a wireless connection.  Let’s say you are in London on business, and your sweetie is in Dallas and the two of you miss each other and are in want of some amorous time.  Well, according to the company that manufactures these devices you can both participate in some long distance friskiness through the utilization of their invention, which can “read” each participants body motions and simulate them to your partner, wherever they maybe.  Never let it be said that we don’t live in, well, let’s just call them “interesting” times.


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