Sony Announces PlayStation Vue Cloud-Based TV Service

Sony announced a new on-demand TV service – named PlayStation Vue – coming in 2015. The service will reportedly feature 75 channels, from popular programmers like CBS, Fox, NBC and Viacom.

The idea behind PlayStation Vue is to offer the three days of cable and satellite TV, from the specified channels. This is similar to other on-demand services, but subscribers will not need to own an active cable or satellite subscription.

Sony will start beta-testing with PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 owners, who actively watch TV and movies on their console. This will allow Sony to get good feedback, before a full rollout in 2015.

The full rollout should include iPad and Sony smartphone/tablet support. Afterwards, Sony is planning a full rollout to Android, iOS and hopefully the Web, allowing all Internet users to access PlayStation Vue.

This would be a big change to the TV industry, who has been for almost a decade locked into cable and satellite agreements. Having an Internet TV option for catch-up and on-demand would allow cable cutters to receive the same shows.

However, when no other company has been able to offer this service, we do start to question why Sony managed to pull the deals, and how expensive this service is going to be for all of the programming licenses.

It will not be as large a collection as a traditional cable service, but Sony is still bringing 75 channels to PlayStation Vue, enough to project at least $20 per month for the service

In an age where people are fine with Netflix and a few other subscription services, the high monthly bill for PlayStation Vue might not go down too well with cord cutters.

Sony is still holding off from a full reveal, meaning we have to wait until 2015 before we find out everything about the service, and what potential issues the service has to make it cheaper than a traditional cable subscription.

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