T-Mobile CEO Confident In Third Place Finish By 2015

T-Mobile’s CEO John Legere has given a list of predictions for 2015, mostly referring to what customers can expect from the U.S. carrier in the upcoming year.

Legere claims T-Mobile will go head-to-head with Verizon Wireless and win, offering new 700MHz spectrum and Wideband LTE to make its service as stable and appealing as Verizon’s own.

Verizon currently has the most U.S. subscribers for mobile wireless, a few millions ahead of AT&T. Sprint is a distant third, and T-Mobile is fourth, but Legere hopes to change that in 2015.

In 2015, T-Mobile hopes to be ahead of Sprint in total subscribers. Sprint will continue to offer wacky drops in price, but will not offer the same substance as T-Mobile, says Legere.

T-Mobile is in a good position to make this happen, considering it added 2.7 million subscribers in Q3 and is expected to add a few more million in Q4, while Sprint continues to stagnate.

Sprint’s new leadership does look promising with some new deals, but failures in customer support and management continue to plague the company, with some of the worst customer satisfaction rates nationwide.

T-Mobile has lots to offer in 2015 to the average customer, like no data roaming charges, no hidden subsidiaries, unlimited data packages and the newly announced Data Stash for Simple Customers.

The one thing that needs to be improved is the stability of the network, when its good it is the best; when its bad it is the worst, T-Mobile needs to meet in the middle.

Even though AT&T and Verizon speeds do not seem incredibly fast, the consistency is key on LTE, and users have taken to the stability of the two most popular U.S. carriers.

T-Mobile is winning over millions of customers every quarter, but to retain these customers, it needs to make a network usable anywhere.

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