T-Mobile Un-Carrier 8.0: Unused Data Now Carries Over To Next Year

T-Mobile has announced a new feature at its Un-Carrier 8.0 event, allowing users to carry over unused data to the next month of their contract.

Simple Choice customers will be brought into the Data Stash program, allowing unlimited amounts of stored data to move over from month to month. The only caveat is after 12 months stored data will be wiped.

T-Mobile customers will have to be on a 4G LTE package over 3GB on smartphone or 1GB on tablet to receive the Data Stash. T-Mobile will auto-load the stash with 10GB of data, to interest users.

For users who rarely use data but tend to travel, this may be a great new tool, allowing the user to save data for a few months then spend all of the stash in a few weeks when travelling.

This is one of the many incentives to join T-Mobile and CEO John Legere claims this should bring Verizon Wireless and AT&T customers to T-Mobile.

Already, T-Mobile offer free international roaming, free music streaming services and a way to test drive T-Mobile devices before picking them up.

T-Mobile also offers the cheapest rates on contract, beating all three other U.S. wireless carriers.

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