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BBC Nixed Search for Alien Life Television Show for Silly Reason

How many people know who Brian Cox is?  No, not the former football player, I am referring to the U.K.’s Brian Cox and not the English footballer there either.  The specific Brian Cox that I am referring to is a particle physicist and host of some scientific television shows.  Here in America some of us will be familiar with him as the host of the television show “Wonders of the Universe,” which has been shown on The Science Channel.  In the U.K. he has done a lot more television work — he was also in a couple rock bands back in the day too — one of those shows was called “Stargazing Live,” which was a live three day astronomy series in 2011.

Well, in a recent interview Brian Cox revealed his want to turn the Jodrell Radio Telescope towards a recently discovered planet during that three day live broadcast and listen for any signs of intelligent life by way of radio signals.  Sounds pretty cool huh?  Apparently the state run broadcasting company in the United Kingdom didn’t think so.  The BBC wouldn’t let the television show conduct this experiment on live TV because of — are you ready for this — “health and safety concerns.”  Forget that it could result in the greatest discovery in human history, the BBC was more concerned about the possibility that the alien life might swear on the air.

You gotta love government regulations huh?

Okay, first the odds are astronomical (pun intended) that any contact would be made by pointing a radio telescope at a planet light years away for just three days.  Second the odds are even more astronomical that the life on any planet is intelligent.  Third, the odds get even more astronomical that if there is intelligent life on another planet that we would be able to understand, let alone translate their language(s) immediately, on live television.