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AT&T Drops Perma-Cookies After Internet Backlash

Reports came out earlier last week, confirming that Verizon Wireless were actively adding perma-cookies. AT&T were also looking into adding perma-cookies to its own mobile phones, in the next year.

However – after the report hit the Web – the Internet unsurprisingly went against AT&T for the plans. It looks like the Internet annoyance was enough for AT&T to remove any plans to add perma-cookies.

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AT&T and Verizon Wireless Announce Higher Data Plans

Sprint might be in the worst position out of the four major carriers, but one smart initiative drawing customers is their new Double Data deal, offering the same price package but with twice of the data per month.

This has lifted the 10GB plan to 20GB per month, the highest data plan of any of the four carriers for the price. Sprint is committed to higher amounts of data, even if it means losing some net profit.

Quick on the tail of Sprint’s newfound success, AT&T and Verizon Wireless have both announced new higher data plans – not as exciting as Sprint’s double data – but still interesting for anyone who wants more data monthly.

AT&T New Plans

AT&T is not committing to high-end data plans over 10GB, which could be their downfall in the next few years, when Sprint, Verizon Wireless and T-Mobile all offers plans to customers who want lots of data.

The new updated plans offer 3GB instead of 2GB for $40 per month and 6GB instead of 4GB for $70 per month. This is not ‘double data’ but does offer more for your money.

Verizon Wireless New Plans

Verizon Wireless is offering new plans for higher-end users, updating their 6GB option to 10GB for $80 per month; the 10GB option will now offer 15GB for $100 per month.

Again, this is not as impressive as Sprint’s move from 10GB to 20GB, but Verizon Wireless does not need to push as hard for customers, since they are the number one carrier in the US.

Both of these new deals do not offer a huge amount for the customer, but then again they are not paying any more for the extra data, so it is a bonus in every way.

T-Mobile has not announced any new packages, but the carrier does have the excuse that they have the lowest current rates of any of the four providers.