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No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

I had something totally different in mind as a subject for today’s post, but then I read this article and it made me laugh.  It wasn’t one of those laughs you have when you hear a joke, rather it was one of those laughs you have when you see, hear, or read something that makes you say, “You HAVE to be joking.”  It was a laugh in disgust.

Meet Justin Peterson, a 12 year old boy living in Chewelah Washington.  I am sure he is like most 12 years old boys, who enjoys playing with his friends, playing whatever gaming console he has, and probably hates doing homework too; though that is solely speculation on my part and trying to relate how I was as a 12 years old waaaay back before I needed glasses, let alone the bifocals I was recently told I needed.  There is one shinning contrast between Justin and other young men and women not just of his age group, but society at large.  He, personally wants to make a difference for others, he wants to be an active member of not just his community, but for others living all over his and our country.

Mr. Peterson, and I believe he deserves all of the respect that the word “mister” commands, even though he is “only” 12 years old, wanted to raise money for the Honor Flight Network, which is a charitable organization that honors our military veterans by flying them to our nation’s capital so they can visit and reflect upon all of the memorials there (the Korean War Memorial is one of my favorites).  Sounds fantastic doesn’t it?  Not just the Honor Flight Network, but the fact that a young man of his age feels strongly enough about something other than himself that he is moved to action.

So, Mr. Peterson decided that he would hold a fundraiser for this charitable organization, he decided that he would sell the All American favorite, hamburgers, with the proceeds then going to the Honor Flight Network.  This is where the feel good story turns.  It wasn’t too long before the city health inspector showed up and “honored” Mr. Peterson with a $170 fine for not having a food permit.  Huzzah!  USA! USA! USA!  Yeah, that would be sarcasm, so in today’s America it appears that no good deed goes unpunished . . .