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Cox Communications claims it is not “cherry picking” with 1Gbps deployment

Cox Communications is working on getting 1Gbps Internet speeds to Phoenix, Las Vegas and Omaha within the next year, with a full rollout into other states in 2016, this is one of many moves by ISPs to bridge the gap to Google Fiber.

A lot of people have said Cox is “cherry picking” their deployment of 1Gbps, like other ISPs. Unlike Google Fiber, which looks to connect whole “fiberhoods” at once, Cox and others are looking to connect only those with high income salary.

There are good reasons for approaching high-end developments first, it gives Cox less room for error. High-end developments tend to be owned by people who can and will pay for 1Gbps Internet, even paying a lot more for the extra speeds.

In places like Kansas City, where Google Fiber is based, the Internet adoption rate is one of the lowest in the country. Google has still managed to make this a profitable business effort though, to what extent is still unknown.

Cox’s CTO Kevin T. Hart claims Cox’s way of deployment is not cherry-picking though:

“But we’re not just trying to cherry-pick; we’re just trying to spread it out, and then continue with the 3.1 deployment.”

The 1Gbps upgrade comes alongside Cox’s deployment of 50Mbps and 100Mbps upgrades to their Preferred and Premier packages. Cox has been looking to expand their service nationwide, as they try to take on Comcast and Time Warner Cable.