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Woman Dies from Sunlight Only Diet

People can be incredibly stupid, which is amazing considering the fact that the human race is thus far the most intelligent species to live on Earth.  In the relative blink of an eye over the 4 billion years of the Earth’s existence the human race has achieved an amazing level of advancement.  Homo sapiens have walked the Earth for roughly 100,000 years and in that remarkably short period of time we have gone from living in caves to landing on the moon.  Conversely the dinosaurs which existed for some 65 million years never did anything aside from eating each other and getting trapped in the occasional tar pit.  So, while the “thunder lizards” may have us beat on longevity, I give the nod to the humans for being able to improve their quality of life; but I am biased.

However despite our species signs of genius on the whole, there are occasions where individually members of the human race demonstrate some questionable actions with regards to showing signs of intelligence.  Take for example the fact that the so called Darwin Awards even exists as the reason why some people can be incredibly stupid.  Despite the multitude of instances where a member of our race shows the propensity of not wise choices and then dying from those choices, there seems to be an unending line of people who are willing to queue up in the stupid line.

I recently read this article where a woman in Switzerland died from her diet.  Now, that alone may not be enough to land someone as a Darwin Award winner, because maybe she suffered from food poisoning or something; but she didn’t.  Nope, it wasn’t food poisoning or some experimental supplement that did this woman in, it was that she decided that she would/could live off of sunlight only.  Yes, you read that right, no food, no water, just basking in the sun’s rays, and she eventually starved to death.  First of all I have to commend her on her dedication to see this diet through to the umm “end,” here in America most people quit their diets after a few weeks, or months; but it begs the questions, how much weight was she looking to lose, and didn’t she realize at some point that this sunlight only diet might not be fully sustaining her?  Regardless, while the death of another person is always sad, when it happens due to poor decision making it then also becomes a pity.