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All Hail the Happiness Machine

According to this article America is not the happiest country in the world.  The title of the happiest country in the world goes to Denmark – not exactly the place I think most people would guess as being overly happy.  According to the data used to come about which country is happier than another in that article America doesn’t even crack the top 10; FYI the 10 spot went to Sweden.  Then there is another article which doesn’t even have America in the top twenty of happiest countries in the world, with the USA landing at the 23rd spot on the list.

Granted happiness is a hard thing to measure, so these lists can be taken with a grain of salt, and I suppose it could be said that your individual happiness is all that you can control, so worrying about where your particular country lands on some list of happiness is relatively moot.  That being said then, being happy and staying happy can be a little more difficult for some than it is for others.  I mean sure, there are those who seem to be perpetually happy, and while those kind of people can be rather annoying for those of us who succumb to any of the other emotions that we’re endowed with.  So, for us mere mortals who may occasionally feel a little less happy — otherwise known as sad — then perhaps you could contact Brendan Dawes.

Who is Brendan Dawes?

Well, he isn’t a psychiatrist, nor is he a psychologist; in fact he really doesn’t have any sort of mental health credentials what-so-ever.  Instead he is an inventor, and he has created The Happiness Machine, which is a printer that will print out a happy message to whoever the unhappy user is.  It is a printer that is directly connected to the internet and scours the internet monitoring service called We Feel Fine looking for anyone who mentions the word “happy” in a public post, or tweet.  Then when you feel a little gloomy, you just hit a button on the Happiness Machine and through the miracle of modern technology the machine prints out that happy message for you.

Maybe if we put one of these new devices in every American building then we all could be one of those perpetually happy people and America would then rise to the top of the world’s happiest country list?