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Justin Bieber’s Twitter Diplomacy #whocares

There has been an international brouhaha that has been smoldering for a little less than a week now and I am certain that it was in danger of tumbling the entire world into a sea of fire.  The surprising thing is that it has nothing to do with N. Korea, Iran, or China.  No, instead it has to do with Canada’s most famous “diplomat” and his recent comments while on a diplomatic junket to the United Kingdom.  I am of course being facetious in my comments there, but what I am referring to are the comments made by one Justin Bieber and the “Twitterstorm” he caused by essentially dismissing the world’s largest democracy, Indonesia.

According to the Daily Mirror, his Excellency Mr. Bieber was particularly “petulant” towards the media assembled to listen to his new album.  During this most glorious event Mr. Bieber referred to Indonesia as, “…some random country,” and then went on to declare that they, “…didn’t know what they were doing;” referring to recording in a studio there.  Needless to say the “Twitterverse” erupted over these comments and surely putting the world on the brink of war; only a miracle could say us all.

Well, we all can sleep easy tonight because Mr. Bieber has taken to his Twitter account to set the record straight and extinguish those embers of divisiveness broadcasting the following messages:  “one rumor i wont stand for is saying what me and my fans have isnt real. Indonesia I see you. i love u. I love ALL MY FANS. #fact.”  Continuing with, “you cant break us. all the lies and rumors in the world cant phase us. this is #FAMILY . #Beliebers #ILOVEMYFANS.”

Oh thank the lord all of that mess is straightened out.  If only the Bieb’s could use his Twitter diplomacy to bring peace to the Middle East #sarcasm.