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HBO Streaming Service To Cost $15 Per Month

HBO announced a new streaming service would be coming to broadband-only customers in 2015 – but revealed little about how the service would operate or how much it would cost.

In a new report from The Information, it appears the streaming service will cost $15 per month. This would be the same as the cable-version of the service, and in the report it claims the price could go even higher than the regular cable-version.

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HBO jumping off the cable bandwagon in favor of broadband-only service in 2015

HBO, creators of Game of Thrones, are looking to expand their horizons with a new broadband-only service, coming in 2015.

The service, set to be a stand-alone over-the-top service, will offer all of HBOs present and past shows, for a monthly fee. The fee has not been disclosed and CEO of HBO Richard Plepler did not reveal anything about the service, citing proprietary secrets.

This is the biggest U.S. network to step out of the cable-only route, citing the 10 million broadband-only homes in the U.S. as a big opportunity for expansion – somewhere they have not tackled yet.

It also comes in the wake of the highest piracy rates ever for Game of Thrones, HBO’s blockbuster TV show. Currently, fans of the show have no choice but to download it illegally on torrents, or wait for months before it becomes available.

In an age where the show can be spoilt within a few days, it is not good enough. Plepler believes the new streaming service will be able to create million in revenue for HBO, who are owned by Time Warner Cable.

HBO has a streaming service already, HBO Go – but this requires a cable connection. The service has still received heavy use when Game of Thrones and other hit-shows air.

The Split From Cable

It looks like not just HBO are looking to split from cable. Today, CBS networks also announced they would offer a streaming platform for $5.99 per month, cheaper than Netflix.

CBS All Access will offer over 5,000 shows, including The Big Bang Theory and Star Trek. This is obviously a bigger collection than HBO, even if HBO’s show are more current and popular right now.

We expect this is not the only move away from cable to happen in the next month – with more networks looking to maximize profits in the U.S. and overseas.