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Mixed Emotions Over Disney’s Purchase of Lucas Films

Okay, by now most of us have heard about Disney buying Lucas Films Ltd. for $4.05 billion.  That is a whole heck of a lot of cheddar there folks.  This purchase almost gives Disney a monopoly on anything that is fantasy related.  Disney now has the rights to the Star Wars franchise, the Indiana Jones franchise, as well as other lesser known or popular films, like Willow, and Howard the Duck, through this most recent acquisition.  Disney also has bought Marvel Entertainment, giving them rights to all of those superheroes, and they have bought Pixar too, which keeps all of those characters, and the profits they bring, in the Magic Kingdom too.

As a Star Wars fan I have mixed emotions about Disney buying Lucas Films.  A part of me is kind of happy; with me hoping that maybe, just maybe Disney will release the original theatrical cuts of the original trilogy in a DVD set.  George Lucas has said many times in the past that the digitally “enhanced” re-released versions are the only ones that will ever be around.  If you are a Star Wars fan, then you know how those “enhanced” movies left a lot to be desired.  Just Google “Han shot first and you will see countless angry Star Wars fans airing their grievances over George’s changes to those classic films.  Then there is the ever so small hope that the newer Star Wars movies somehow get lost, or if nothing else remade with less painful dialogue and acting (Hayden Christensen) I’m looking at you — I know odds are neither will happen.

Then there is a part of me that is sad by Disney’s purchase of Lucas Films.  Mainly because Disney has already said that they intend on making more Star Wars movies.  Some fans hearing that would be unmistakably happy, but I for one, am more than a little gun shy of more movies, simply because of mine, and others, disappointment over the prequels.  Those movies did more to ruin my feelings of the original films than they did to make me a bigger fan.  Basically I am afraid that more Star Wars movies will just further dilute and cheapen the brand; but there is a possibility that Disney will do a far better job in protecting this franchise than George Lucas did.

Finally there will be many who are thinking that this is another example of the rich getting richer; what with George Lucas, who is already a billionaire, getting another four billion dollars to deposit into his checking account.  Well, everyone can relax, because George Lucas has gone on the record saying that he isn’t going to run out and buy a fleet of Bentleys with this money.  He is instead going to donate the money to charity.  See, not all rich people are greedy, evil, narcissists — even if they did trample over one of your favorite childhood movies.