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New Study Suggests the Media Doesn’t Like Either Obama or Romney

We’re in the waning days of this election season, and I know that many people are of the opinion that it can’t end soon enough.  I know I am ready for it all to be over.  If you really stop to think about it the Presidential election has really been going on for over a year now; what with the Republican Primary race that seems like it started some time in 2009, upon the inauguration of President Obama.

Throughout this campaign season though we the people have been hit over and over again with all of the negative campaign ads claiming that one candidate is going to be the worst person in the entire world to ever govern anything; while the one who “endorse(s) this message” is the only person in the world that can solve everything that is wrong.  Such is the nature of political campaigns though.  I doubt there was ever a candidate who came forth and declared their opponent was doing anything right.  If there was, I can guarantee that candidate didn’t win.  That’s the candidates though, but what do the media think?

There are many people who believe that the media is decidedly in the camp of those who have a more leftward leaning political tilt; and at times it might actually seem that way.  Then there are others who believe that with the now ubiquitous 24 hour news coverage, and the media outlets that provide that coverage that there are biases enough on both sides of the political spectrum.  This too seems to bear some element of truth.

However, according to a new study released by Journalism.org; a website run by the Pew Research Center; when all of the data is compiled from both left leaning media outlets and right leaning media outlets, the results show that in the media doesn’t think too highly of either of the two establishment parties.  The basic gist is this; on the whole, the media thinks both President Obama, and Mitt Romney aren’t great.

While this suggests a lack of bias in the media, we have to consider that the data is a compilation of media outlets.  It is not a result of any real neutral coverage by the media at large.  So, if you tend to tune into MSNBC, then you will hear nothing but how bad Romney is; and if you tune into Fox News, then you will hear nothing but how bad President Obama is.  Of course this study also looked at written articles that were written about both candidates, either in the affirmative, or the negative; as well as social media.  All of that data was then compiled to come to the aggregate result that neither candidate exactly gets a glowing review on the whole.