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Lexington Kentucky refuses Comcast merger, on grounds of awful service

There’s nothing better than seeing city leaders agree unanimously that Time Warner Cable is just awful. That’s what happened at Lexington, Kentucky, where the leadership refused the Comcast/Time Warner Cable merger on grounds that the service is awful.

“We have worked aggressively and vigorously to negotiate these terms with Time Warner,” Mayor Jim Gray said. “They have just not been reasonable. We are looking for better customer service and they are not willing to offer it. That’s why the council took the action that it did today.” Until changes are made that will help Lexington cable customers, Gray said, “They will not approve” the transfer of ownership.

Considering Time Warner Cable and Comcast regularly fight for the bottom of customer satisfaction reports, it is no surprise the city leaders do not want this merger to happen.

Comcast did announce plans to revamp their customer service, adding a new VP of Customer Satisfaction, but we doubt this will make huge changes in the way Comcast deals with customers.

Unfortunately for almost everyone in the United States who doesn’t live in a competitive area, Comcast and Time Warner Cable like to keep out of each others way and purposefully ramp up prices in non-competitive markets.

Now that they want to merge, it is either spend hundreds of thousands on lobbying or improve customer service. Hopefully, with the new incentive from President Barack Obama on net neutrality and defending customer rights, Chairman of the FCC Tom Wheeler will think twice about the merger.