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Couple Sues Little Leaguer for Errant Throw

We have all heard about how competitive little league parents can be, though I wonder how these parents handle themselves in those leagues where scores are no longer kept, but that is another story for another day.  Anyway, some parents have a hard time controlling themselves at the expense of their little leaguers, most of whom are simply out there to have fun, and could really careless if the runner was thrown out at third or not.  Speaking of expense, there are apparently a couple of parents who have brought little league to new lows, because they have decided to sue.

That’s right, a husband and wife are suing, but they are not suing the league, or an umpire who might have called their little darling out, when they thought he was safe.  They are not suing the coach for failing to play their precious child, whom they think is the next Alex Rodriguez.  Instead they are suing another little leaguer.  Wait! What?!  Yes, you read that right, a grown woman, and her husband have filed suit against a little league catcher for an errant thrown that struck here in the face.

The catcher was 11 at the time of the accident (that is a keyword there, “accident”) is now 13, however he has nonetheless been served with a lawsuit seeking more than $150,000 in damages from the couple who claim the then 11 year’s old throw was “reckless and intentional” causing “severe, painful and permanent damages,” while the husband claims that due to these injuries he has lost “consortium” with his wife; which in legalese means they are no long having intercourse.

I know that we live in a hyper-litigious society, but I think this probably takes the cake.  The “injured” couple has requested a jury trial, ostensibly because juries tend to side with the injured, but I have a hard time believing that (1) an 11 year old can throw a baseball hard enough to inflict serious injury (whether the throw is intentional or not) and (2) that this case hasn’t been thrown out as frivolous.  If commonsense should prevail and the case does get thrown out, maybe a counter suit would be in order?  And I say that as a person who believes that there are too many people suing for any and every little thing.  If this case doesn’t get thrown out, then I guess this kid better start cutting some serious grass to raise money for his legal defense, and maybe forget about going to college; because I don’t know any 13 years old that have $150,000.