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Great Works Internet expanding 1Gbps to South Portland, Maine

Great Works Internet is expanding their 1Gbps fiber optic service to South Portland, Maine. This is the second city in the state to receive high-speed Internet from GWI, working with the state to fund the broadband investment.

South Portland business and residential customers will be able to buy into the 1Gbps Internet. We are not sure how the deployment will be structure, Great Works Internet will be providing $150,000 for the municipal installation, the other half coming from the state.

Residents in South Portland will be able to pay $70 per month for the 1Gbps Internet. This is the same price as Google Fiber in Kansas City and looks to be the benchmark for fiber optic companies, who are set on bringing high-speed Internet to cities.

For business owners, Great Works Internet have a separate $200 per month package available. This should be great for any businesses in media, entertainment, software or services, who need fast connection.

Someone in the forums brought up a valid point – why is Great Works Internet focusing on cities with low-speed Internet, and not a lot of competition.

Normally, ISPs only focus on areas where competition is high or there is no competition, but in South Portland the competition is just weak, with DSL providers still holding most customers down.

This is the main reason why Great Works Internet see Maine as a great opportunity. The state has rather high-income compared to other places, meaning 1Gbps customers should be of a higher frequency.

South Portland is a rather wealthy area of Maine. Businesses are not a huge part of the city, but there is a large industrial side on the shore, for imports and exports.

Maine First Responders Practice for the Zombie Apocalypse

Not too long ago we heard the reports of Miami police shooting and killing a naked man who was chewing on the face of another man.  Shortly thereafter there were reports of similar acts of gruesomeness and before we knew it cyberspace was all atwitter with speculation that we were at the precipice of the zombie apocalypse many movies of various cheesiness have been warning us about.  While I am sure that many of those espousing that the end was nigh were doing so with their tongue firmly planted in their cheeks, the chatter became so incessant that it prompted the CDC to actually release a statement debunking/dispelling the existence of any pathogens that would reanimate the dead.

Well, apparently the state of Maine failed to get the CDC’s Memo, because they recently held exercises for their first responders and other emergency services agencies in which they had handle/deal/cope with a zombie apocalypse.  To be fair, it isn’t like Maine’s little exercise is a demonstration of the ignorance of that state’s officials.  The same CDC who had to release official statements debunking the existence and the possibility of a zombie apocalypse is also the agency that released a satirical essay on how to prepare for a zombie apocalypse just one year before the now infamous face chewing incident.

Now, I love a campy zombie flick as much as anyone and I would like to believe that I am smart enough to realize that the dead cannot, and will not come back to life seeking the brains of the living for sustenance, but I also love a good conspiracy theory too, and you have to admit that there are the ingredients here to construct a pretty damn good one.  In the name of fairness, I will let other’s take that ball and run with it.