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Some Remember 9/11, Others Don’t

Okay, so today is September 11th and I think the vast majority of us can remember what happened in this country, on this date, eleven years ago.  I am sure that many of us can remember where we were, and what we were doing when we first heard the news that hijacked airliners were being, or had been used as missiles to strike the World Trade Center’s once iconic twin towers, and the Pentagon.  I know I remember where and what I was doing.  I also remember my initial reaction to that news, and then I found my way to a TV and saw exactly what everyone was talking about, and I was in stunned disbelief.

At the time when these attacks occurred I was working in in the retail industry, and on that particular day I was working in the cash office of the store I worked for.  It was a windowless room, closed off and locked away from everyone.  There was a radio in there, but on that day I left it off.  There I was counting the store’s cash, check, and credit from the previous days business, making sure it was all there and ready to be deposited when the office phone rang.  It scared the beegeesus out of me because it was such a sudden break from the quiet of the room, and my focus on ensuring all of the money was still there and accounted for.  It was my boss and she wanted to let me know that an airplane had crashed into the Twin Towers.  Being isolated like I was I didn’t know what she meant by “airplane,” so my thought was a little Cessna like plane and thanked her for the information and went about my work.  Not too long later she called again, this time to tell me that an airplane had crashed into the Pentagon too.  At that point I knew something was up, but I still didn’t have any idea of the magnitude of that “something.”  I started thinking back through recent events, trying to conclude who would wish to exact revenge upon us, as a nation, and I really couldn’t come up with anyone or anything.  It wasn’t until I had finished my work in seclusion and emerged from my little sensory deprivation chamber and went into the break room where there was a TV did I finally get the scope of what had just happened.  I was stunned, and speechless.

It was apparent that many others were feeling the same way, because the store was a virtual ghost town.  It was all but empty, and I can guarantee that there were more employees there than there were customers.  As I was one of the higher paid employees it wasn’t long before my boss again approached me and asked if I would like to go home for the day.  Still feeling utterly amazed in the worst possible way, I accepted, and went home and spent much of the rest of the day watching NBC’s coverage of these horrific events perpetrated against us.

That Tuesday eleven years ago reshaped our country in so many ways, none of which I want to get into here and now, and is the most significant event (good, bad, or otherwise) that has happened to America in my lifetime; which means to me it should merit some remembrance on its anniversary.  Well, today many of the mainstream media did just that, and broadcast memorial ceremonies, even going so far as to honor a moment of silence for the victims of that day.  Notice I said “many of the mainstream media,” not all.  Well, as it turns out there was a lone dissenter amongst the major networks in covering the memorials, and it was NBC.

While the other networks were honoring the moment of silence, NBC’s “Today” show thought it would be better to just talk over this moment of silence, they went one better; they ignored it completely.  Instead of honoring the victims and this anniversary the producers for that very popular morning “news” show thought it would be better to interview Kris Jenner, mother of the vapid Kardashian clan.  So, apparently in Rockefeller Plaza a “reality” personality and her breast augmentation surgery (that is something that was part of this pressing interview) took precedence over September 11th.