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Rogue Planet Discovered Near Earth

When I was a kid I was fascinated with all things outer space.  If there was a slight orientation towards space in something, then I was going to pay that something a modicum of attention — except the drink of NASA (back then) Tang, I thought that stuff was just awful.

To be honest though I think all kids go through their outer space phase based on my nephews’ and many of my friends children too.  It should be too hard to understand why; outer space is just so darn fascinating.  It is the one place where it seems like anything can and does happen, and for a child’s imagination, that is simply a fantastic playground to, well, play in.  Then of course there are the cool sci fi franchises out there, like Star Wars and Star Trek, which simply adds to a child’s enthrallment with outer space too.

Well, to further illustrate how fascinating outer space is, is this new discovery of an orphaned or rogue planet just floating along out there 100 light years away, not orbiting a star like good little planets should.  Speaking of little, this rogue planet is anything but little.  It is in fact 4 to 7 times more massive than Jupiter — that’s pretty big their folks.

It is the size of this rogue planet that leads some scientists to question whether or not it should even be considered a planet at all, and is instead perhaps a brown dwarf star, or a part of a group of very young stars that this object seems to be hanging out with.

Regardless of whatever, or however scientists wish to classify this planet/star/something I think it is just really interesting all of the things we things we simply do not know about outer space; which will certainly keep many more kids interested in it.