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New Study Suggests the Media Doesn’t Like Either Obama or Romney

We’re in the waning days of this election season, and I know that many people are of the opinion that it can’t end soon enough.  I know I am ready for it all to be over.  If you really stop to think about it the Presidential election has really been going on for over a year now; what with the Republican Primary race that seems like it started some time in 2009, upon the inauguration of President Obama.

Throughout this campaign season though we the people have been hit over and over again with all of the negative campaign ads claiming that one candidate is going to be the worst person in the entire world to ever govern anything; while the one who “endorse(s) this message” is the only person in the world that can solve everything that is wrong.  Such is the nature of political campaigns though.  I doubt there was ever a candidate who came forth and declared their opponent was doing anything right.  If there was, I can guarantee that candidate didn’t win.  That’s the candidates though, but what do the media think?

There are many people who believe that the media is decidedly in the camp of those who have a more leftward leaning political tilt; and at times it might actually seem that way.  Then there are others who believe that with the now ubiquitous 24 hour news coverage, and the media outlets that provide that coverage that there are biases enough on both sides of the political spectrum.  This too seems to bear some element of truth.

However, according to a new study released by Journalism.org; a website run by the Pew Research Center; when all of the data is compiled from both left leaning media outlets and right leaning media outlets, the results show that in the media doesn’t think too highly of either of the two establishment parties.  The basic gist is this; on the whole, the media thinks both President Obama, and Mitt Romney aren’t great.

While this suggests a lack of bias in the media, we have to consider that the data is a compilation of media outlets.  It is not a result of any real neutral coverage by the media at large.  So, if you tend to tune into MSNBC, then you will hear nothing but how bad Romney is; and if you tune into Fox News, then you will hear nothing but how bad President Obama is.  Of course this study also looked at written articles that were written about both candidates, either in the affirmative, or the negative; as well as social media.  All of that data was then compiled to come to the aggregate result that neither candidate exactly gets a glowing review on the whole.


Tweeters Advocate and Call for Assassinating Romney

Is there any place left in this world that has an ounce of sanity left to it?  Someplace where people think before they speak, or tweet?  Somewhere that has a majority of the populace whose minds are open to varying and disparate views, that don’t always coincide with theirs, and can accept the thoughts and opinions of others?  It doesn’t have to be a utopia, because I am not so naïve as to think that there is a land of sunshine, daisies, and unicorns feasting on clouds of cotton candy; but there has to be someplace in this world that isn’t so divided amongst itself based on political, racial, socio-economic, or any other issue that serves to divide people, to where spurts of vitriolic hatred are shot at anyone who doesn’t believe, or agree with whatever little faction they belong to.

I ask all of this because according to this article, which is from a definitely biased online newspaper, has included a list of tweets from various people advocating and avowing the assassination of Mitt Romney should he become President of the United States.  I find that completely reprehensible, and I say that as someone who is not a fan or supporter of Mr. Romney.  That’s right, I am not going to vote for him, I take some umbrage with his stance on a great many issues, but I DO NOT wish him dead.

Quite honestly those who are tweeting all of their intent to kill are not doing the guy that they support any favors; that guy being President Obama — who I also do not support.  How can someone who might be on the fence, with regards to whom they are going to cast their vote for, wish to associate themselves; however remotely; with people who are publicly announcing their wish to kill someone, simply because that someone has differing political views?  That is not the kind of country I wish to live in.  Just an FYI, there are several historical instances where people were killed for not agreeing politically with the current regimes.  They were/are Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia, Communist China, North Korea, Pinochet’s Chile, Franco’s Spain, Castro’s Cuba, as well as more.  None of those were joyous places to live.  So, if that is the kind of place America is going to become you can count me out; I will find a more friendly place to live.


Paul Ryan’s Controversial Photograph

There’s a new “controversy” developing in this election over an egregious photo.  The photograph shows one of the most heinous things ever done by any politician — ever.  I mean it is so bad that I am certain that the simple existence of this photo will certainly sway the election.  Once I saw the picture myself, I almost threw up, it is that bad.  By the way, I am being as hyperbolic about this picture as the controversy itself.  In short, I am being facetious, because quite honestly the photograph is absolutely anything but controversial.

What is all of the hullabaloo about?  Well, it appears that Republican Vice Presidential Candidate was photographed washing dirty dishes at a soup kitchen.  I know, that is horrible isn’t it?

The “controversy” is that the campaign of President Obama is alleging that Paul Ryan was not actually washing dirty dishes, but was instead washing already clean dishes, and that the Photograph was staged; basically it was a campaign stunt.  This stems from the President of the Mahoning County St. Vincent De Paul Society stating that he had heard from a volunteer that Paul Ryan was simply re-washing already clean dishes, which he then reported to the Washington Post on Monday.

Today however, that very same President of that very same organization has changed his tune, and is now telling everyone that Paul Ryan did, in fact, wash dirty dishes.  Whew; I am so glad that we got all of this cleared up, because it would be absolutely horrible if a politician actually staged a photo op during a campaign.

Apparently this is the kind of “stuff” that is considered vital information that the voters need to know about before they decide on who they are going to vote for come Election Day on November 6th.  Forget anything that might actually revolve around real issues facing our country.  You know things like our growing national debt, our still sluggish economy, the continued war in Afghanistan, the weakening dollar, rising food costs, rising energy costs, taxes, the eventual bankruptcy of Medicare, and Social Security.  None of those things can possibly be as important as a candidate possibly using an appearance at a soup kitchen as an opportunity to gain favor; because no candidate has ever done that before have they?

There’s a Whole Lot of Hatin’ Going On

To use some “street” lingo, which will probably destroy what little street cred I may have ever had, there’s a lot of hatin’ going on.  Take for example reports that someone who apparently hates them some Bristol Palin sent a bag of a white powdery substance to the studios where Dancing with the Stars films along with a “nice” little note that read, “This is what will happen to you if Bristol Palin stays on [the show].”  So, let me get this straight, whoever it was who sent this threat feels such a strong hate for Bristol Palin, that they feel threatening the lives of others is the correct way to express that hatred.  I don’t think anyone is really worth this kind of action, especially a “D” list celebrity whose 15 minutes of fame are just about up.

Then there is Snoop Dogg’s Instagram post of his list on why he is voting for President Obama, and why he’s not voting for Mitt Romney.  I suppose it was meant to be humorous, but when you read through his, umm, “rationale” then you can see that he has more than a certain level of disdain for the Republican candidate.  Hey, I get it; I don’t particularly care for, well, either candidate to be honest, but really?  Does wanting to beat the sh*t out of Mr. Romney absolutely have to be on the list and then disseminated to the entire world?  Obviously Mr. Snoop Dogg does feel that it is pertinent information that every voter needs to make up their mind.

Finally there is this story coming from Italy where a politician named Antonio Piazza had been parking illegally in a handicap parking space for three months without incident.  Then the unthinkable happened, an actual disabled person came upon the parking space just as the Mr. Piazza pulled into it.  The disabled person asked if the very able Antonio would move his car, to which the very busy politician declined; so the disabled person phoned the police.  The police “honored” Antonio with a citation of about $105; and so this incident should be over; but it wasn’t.  The politician, Antonio Piazza, waited until the coast was clear and went back to the parking lot and slashed the disabled person’s tires.  How do we know it was Mr. Piazza?  Because the whole thing was captured on security cameras.  The politician thankfully resigned after his hatin’ was exposed, so I guess that’s something.

It’s National Drink a Beer Day (insert beer slogan here)

Today is Friday, and like the old song by the 1980’s band Loverboy says, “everybody’s working for the weekend.”  I used to sing this song out loud every Friday, because (1) Despite the age and cheesiness of that song, I really kind of like it; and (2) Because I knew that I was just hours away from the official start of the coming weekend; which is Friday night.

Friday evenings tend to be when many a hard working soul leaves work and stops off at their favorite watering hole to meet with friends and colleagues and have a beer or two, maybe three, and hopefully not too many more after that, for safety and health sake.  Everybody’s working for the weekend indeed.

Well, in case many of you weren’t aware, today, Friday, September 28th, is national drink a beer day.  This means that there will be/are many people who will inadvertently participate in this national day of suds imbibing, and now, armed with this knowledge, maybe a few other people will decide to crack open a cold one to honor this day.

Despite the recent growth in American consumption of either spirits (cocktails) or wine, beer is still the chosen adult beverage of this nation.  Even our sitting President is a well-documented enjoyer of having an occasional brewski, what with the White House’s recent release of President Obama’s favorite beer recipes.

To further illustrate the popularity of beer in America there is a boom happening in the so called “craft” beer market, perhaps best illustrated in the above mentioned release of the President’s favorite beer recipes; and when the with a 15% growth rate, year over year, in this segment of the beer universe.

So, if you haven’t done so already, may I suggest having a cold beer this evening in honor of National Drink a Beer day?  You worked hard all week, I think you deserve it.