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T-Mobile Expands Offerings as Customer Totals Increase

T-Mobile coverage map showing all of North America

Over the first six months of 2015, T-Mobile has seen an increase in overall customer totals that was higher than industry analysts expected. During the recent release of subscriber figures, during the second quarter of the year the company added over 2 million new customers across pre- and post-paid accounts. This growth brings the company’s customer total to just under 60 million which, despite the increase, maintains T-Mobile as the fourth largest carrier behind Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint. Commentators in the wireless industry believe that this growth will continue throughout the remainder of the year, although long-term forecasts suggest the promotions T-Mobile has used to elevate its presence in the market will not be sustainable.

In an effort to preempt the predictions that it will not be able to sustain its growth beyond this year, T-Mobile has announced the extension of existing promotions and new ones that it hopes will allow the company to enjoy a larger footprint, both domestically and internationally. One of its most ambitious plans was the offer for any Verizon customer to try T-Mobile for two weeks, absolutely free. The latest reports indicate that this plan was successful during the first quarter but has tapered off during the second quarter, although similar programs for AT&T and Sprint transfer customers have not seen any signs of slowing down.

Similarly, T-Mobile has expanded its two most popular data plan packages. These packages both cost $100 per month, but one includes two phone numbers with unlimited LTE data, while the other offers four phone numbers with 2.5 GB of data per line. Having satisfied its customers by providing an unlimited data plan, T-Mobile is now turning its attention to the part of its consumer base that wants to upgrade phones on a frequent basis. With a new program titled Jump on Demand, for a monthly fee of $10, T-Mobile customers will have the option to upgrade their phone three times per twelve months.

As innovative as the program is to allow multiple phone upgrades annually, T-Mobile’s plan to offer coverage throughout North America, including Mexico and Canada, without roaming fees is being heralded as a game changer. In particular, this plan is attracting attention because it will be available to customers sooner than the plan proposed by AT&T months ago, which will offer similar perks. Under T-Mobile’s plan, subscribers will be able to text, call, and use web services, like email and GPS applications, while in Mexico or Canada without incurring any additional fees. The plan will go live by the start of August 2015.

T-Mobile Un-Carrier 8.0: Unused Data Now Carries Over To Next Year

T-Mobile has announced a new feature at its Un-Carrier 8.0 event, allowing users to carry over unused data to the next month of their contract.

Simple Choice customers will be brought into the Data Stash program, allowing unlimited amounts of stored data to move over from month to month. The only caveat is after 12 months stored data will be wiped.

T-Mobile customers will have to be on a 4G LTE package over 3GB on smartphone or 1GB on tablet to receive the Data Stash. T-Mobile will auto-load the stash with 10GB of data, to interest users.

For users who rarely use data but tend to travel, this may be a great new tool, allowing the user to save data for a few months then spend all of the stash in a few weeks when travelling.

This is one of the many incentives to join T-Mobile and CEO John Legere claims this should bring Verizon Wireless and AT&T customers to T-Mobile.

Already, T-Mobile offer free international roaming, free music streaming services and a way to test drive T-Mobile devices before picking them up.

T-Mobile also offers the cheapest rates on contract, beating all three other U.S. wireless carriers.

Sprint CFO Claims “Cut Your Bill In Half” Will Only Save 20 Percent

Sprint is starting a new promotional deal this week, targeting AT&T and Verizon Wireless customers who want to move to a Sprint contract and save a lot of money.

The original deal stated customers would be able to save 50 percent on a new contract at Sprint, simply by showing a member of staff the previous monthly contract.

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AT&T and Verizon Wireless Announce Higher Data Plans

Sprint might be in the worst position out of the four major carriers, but one smart initiative drawing customers is their new Double Data deal, offering the same price package but with twice of the data per month.

This has lifted the 10GB plan to 20GB per month, the highest data plan of any of the four carriers for the price. Sprint is committed to higher amounts of data, even if it means losing some net profit.

Quick on the tail of Sprint’s newfound success, AT&T and Verizon Wireless have both announced new higher data plans – not as exciting as Sprint’s double data – but still interesting for anyone who wants more data monthly.

AT&T New Plans

AT&T is not committing to high-end data plans over 10GB, which could be their downfall in the next few years, when Sprint, Verizon Wireless and T-Mobile all offers plans to customers who want lots of data.

The new updated plans offer 3GB instead of 2GB for $40 per month and 6GB instead of 4GB for $70 per month. This is not ‘double data’ but does offer more for your money.

Verizon Wireless New Plans

Verizon Wireless is offering new plans for higher-end users, updating their 6GB option to 10GB for $80 per month; the 10GB option will now offer 15GB for $100 per month.

Again, this is not as impressive as Sprint’s move from 10GB to 20GB, but Verizon Wireless does not need to push as hard for customers, since they are the number one carrier in the US.

Both of these new deals do not offer a huge amount for the customer, but then again they are not paying any more for the extra data, so it is a bonus in every way.

T-Mobile has not announced any new packages, but the carrier does have the excuse that they have the lowest current rates of any of the four providers.

T-Mobile USA interested in new low spectrum sale

T-Mobile has a lot of high-band spectrum, but it is rather useless when the service cannot penetrate through walls or go across large rural areas.

This is why T-Mobile is appealing to the FCC, who are looking to open some of the spectrum below 1GHz to mobile providers, who currently lack the available spectrum.

Back in 2007 and 2008, both AT&T and Verizon Wireless managed to grab a lot of this spectrum, while T-Mobile and Sprint focused on high-band. Turns out the low-band spectrum proved the most useful, despite being underwhelming when it comes to speeds.

T-Mobile has been growing out its wireless network at a rapid rate, ever since CEO John Legere entered office. AT&T has seen a drop in their revenue from T-Mobile, but Verizon Wireless is currently not experiencing any problems with T-Mobile.

In order to get a foot past the two dominant network providers, T-Mobile needs this low-end spectrum. The biggest complaint of T-Mobile at the moment is their poor network indoors and in rural areas, where AT&T and Verizon Wireless shine.

The 600Mhz sale will begin sometime next year. T-Mobile is appealing for 50 percent of the spectrum to be handed to their network, in order to beef up the speeds indoors, but AT&T and Verizon Wireless don’t want a more powerful T-Mobile.

T-Mobile believes with this new spectrum, more customers will move over to their Un-Carrier deals, currently sweeping the nation.