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Tweeters Advocate and Call for Assassinating Romney

Is there any place left in this world that has an ounce of sanity left to it?  Someplace where people think before they speak, or tweet?  Somewhere that has a majority of the populace whose minds are open to varying and disparate views, that don’t always coincide with theirs, and can accept the thoughts and opinions of others?  It doesn’t have to be a utopia, because I am not so naïve as to think that there is a land of sunshine, daisies, and unicorns feasting on clouds of cotton candy; but there has to be someplace in this world that isn’t so divided amongst itself based on political, racial, socio-economic, or any other issue that serves to divide people, to where spurts of vitriolic hatred are shot at anyone who doesn’t believe, or agree with whatever little faction they belong to.

I ask all of this because according to this article, which is from a definitely biased online newspaper, has included a list of tweets from various people advocating and avowing the assassination of Mitt Romney should he become President of the United States.  I find that completely reprehensible, and I say that as someone who is not a fan or supporter of Mr. Romney.  That’s right, I am not going to vote for him, I take some umbrage with his stance on a great many issues, but I DO NOT wish him dead.

Quite honestly those who are tweeting all of their intent to kill are not doing the guy that they support any favors; that guy being President Obama — who I also do not support.  How can someone who might be on the fence, with regards to whom they are going to cast their vote for, wish to associate themselves; however remotely; with people who are publicly announcing their wish to kill someone, simply because that someone has differing political views?  That is not the kind of country I wish to live in.  Just an FYI, there are several historical instances where people were killed for not agreeing politically with the current regimes.  They were/are Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia, Communist China, North Korea, Pinochet’s Chile, Franco’s Spain, Castro’s Cuba, as well as more.  None of those were joyous places to live.  So, if that is the kind of place America is going to become you can count me out; I will find a more friendly place to live.