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Airline Will Fly You Out if the “Other Guy” Wins the Election

Politics have become, if they always weren’t, a very contentious thing in this country.  The contention really heats up when it is an election year; and lo and behold this year just so happens to be one of those years that drive people to the brink of utter madness.  It appears that all manner of civility evaporates during election years, where friends, colleagues, complete strangers, and in some instances spouses will hurl barbs and insults at one another for harboring a different view or supporting the “wrong” candidate — whoever that may be.

The level of contentiousness can get so high and hot that it even drives some people to say that if so and so wins the election then they are going to leave the country.  I know Alec Baldwin has said it before, as has my Dad; Hell even I have thought it, though never really voiced it out loud.  The fact of the matter is that few if anyone actually does flee the country if that so and so wins an election.

Well, that could change though after this particular election.  As it turns out a particular airline is holding a contest that will literally fly 2,012 people out of the country if their candidate fails to win the election.  That airline is JetBlue and as mentioned they are holding a contest where entrants answer a few questions, and then join the contest on their Facebook page, and then those entrants may be umm, “lucky?” enough to win a flight to destinations outside of the United States.  Don’t think though that this contest is meant to encourage expatriation from the United States, because those who do “win” because their favorite candidate lost receive round trip tickets, so the winners/losers are expected to come back to the USA, but at least they could actually say that they followed through with their promise to leave if the “other guy” wins the election; so that accounts for something right?