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Pizza Vending Machines Coming to America

It is no secret that we live in a glutinous society.  I mean the simple fact that America is the fattest nation on Earth should be all the evidence anyone needs to see that we like to over indulge on pretty much all things edible.  We like all you can eat buffets, which can’t be good for our collective waistlines; and we judge sit-down restaurants on their portion size; we believe the bigger the better.  There isn’t a single fast food restaurant that doesn’t offer some sort of supersize option, and we can go to any Seven Eleven and buy a 55 gallon drum of soda, otherwise called the “Big Gulp.”  Yep, we love to put copious amounts of food stuffs into our gullets, and I am guilty of it too.

My weaknesses are chocolate chip cookies and pizza, and let me tell you, I can devour large amounts of either of those things in a single sitting — and I mean LARGE amounts.  Luckily I have developed a certain sense of will power with regards to my favorite glutinous treats; which basically entails me not going down the cookie aisle at the grocery store, and avoiding pizza places.  This tactic works about 90-95% of the time, but occasionally I have to literally feed those cravings and I buckle like an Amish shoe, buying either the cookies, or the pizza that I desire at the time.  However we do live in incredible times, and the Dutch might have just made it harder for me to resist one of my temptations.

Dutch based A1 Concepts has created a vending machine that can deliver pizza, hot and fresh in less than 3 minutes, and they are ready to bring this miracle of modern temptation to the United States.  While I am fairly positive that these vending machines will not produce the best pizzas in the world (most food vending machines give us things that can only be called food because it is edible), but when you are a pizza junkie like me you operate under the motto there are no bad pizzas, some are just better than others.  I guess I will just have to work on my pizza will power so that I can be prepared to resist the urge the first time I see one of these machines.