Time Warner Cable gets fined $1.1 million from FCC

The Time Warner Cable Internet outage lasted a good few hours this week and it looks like the FCC aren’t happy. In response to the Internet service provider not reporting network outages properly, they have fined the company $1.1 million.

The fine is not a huge detriment to Time Warner Cable, who are currently in the middle of a Comcast merger, but does show the FCC are deeply investigating the Internet issues, to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Time Warner Cable paid the fine to settle the FCC investigation – if this did not happen, the ISP could have faced a court case, where other entities like Netflix and Google could have jumped in to really cause some damage.

Reporting Network Outages


All ISPs must report network outages to the FCC and make it known to the public. Normally, this is anything from a 5 minute outage to hour, in Time Warner Cable’s case it took two hours to fully fix.

According to the FCC, Time Warner CableĀ “failed to file a substantial number of reports with respect to a series of reportable wireline and Voice over Internet Protocol network outages.”

This is not the best signal for Time Warner Cable customers, but then again customer satisfaction on the ISP is already below most companies and just a little higher than Comcast, the Worst Company in America.

Time Warner Cable currently operates in 29 states and for the most part they stay out of the way of Comcast. This makes it a perfect merger in terms of expanding revenue and market, but not great for customers who want competition in the Internet service market.

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