Tough call: Do you believe Comcast and its customer service quandary?

Whether you’re talking about cable television, cars or any customer oriented or retail related business, nothing sends fear into an industry or specific company like a bad call between a representative and the consumer.

Comcast is just the latest entity to experience one of those calls on the wrong end of the spectrum.  One customer, Ryan Block, had what can be called a run-in of epic proportions when it comes to customer relations when he attempted to contact Comcast and cancel his cable. Block decided to record most of the conversation, which showcased just how poor this particular Comcast representative was at doing his job. Block and his wife simply wanted to cancel their cable, and this Comcast customer “expert” got the point where he almost became annoyed with the customer and his tone suggested that he couldn’t understand why anyone would want to cancel with the cable and communications giant.

Anyone who has done customer service knows that your job is to keep the consumer happy but also do everything you can to ensure that you keep whatever business you already have. The one caveat to that sentiment is two simple words: within reason.

The Comcast employee seemed content on keeping this customer to the point that his repetitive nature and demeanor over the phone did the exact opposite, and turned this customer who was already leaving Comcast into a customer that most likely never will return.

This is a tough spot for Comcast or any cable and internet provider to be perfectly honest. The field of communications, cable and thus entertainment options is incredibly competitive and even the slightest flinch by any of these is going to cost you business in some form or fashion, even when you’re the largest cable communications company in the world.

Customer service often is an outsourced part of any business, and monitoring how good or bad it is can be remarkably difficult. That’s not giving Comcast or any satellite or cable company a free pass of sorts but it’s often the truth. That being said, Comcast must work harder to ensure that no matter how they go about employing customer service personnel that they be trained to handle calls professionally, while still attempting to save and secure as much business and revenue of possible.

No company, regardless of size, is impervious to bad customer service. Recognizing that point, Comcast quickly reacted and said that this employee wasn’t the norm but rather the exception when it comes to how they deal with customers. Here’s hoping what Comcast is saying about the incident is more sincere than the employee that put them in this predicament to start with.

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